Late for Work, parking just got easier!

Trouble finding change for that meter, worry no longer. Now there is an APP for that. New Mobile Pay Parking via Passport Parking App.

New Mobile Pay for Parking in Downtown Louisville starts Monday, November 18, 2013 will help expedite your time.

In the era of smart phones, new technology for Mobile Pay for Parking in downtown Louisville surface lots has just arrived.  No more rounding up change to pay for parking.  The city has a partnership with Passport Parking and is introducing Monday, November 18, 2013 a NEW way that mobile users can use their cell phones to pay for parking.  This technology will start first at the surface lots downtown and eventually spread to be on street meters throughout the downtown area also. 

If you have a smart phone you will now have the ability to pay, at your convenience upon parking without having to visit a parking lot pay station. The city is moving to higher technology to meet the demands of people who use their smart phones for everything.  

For those of you  who do not have a smart phone or still want to use the pay stations, that option will continue to exist. The city is launching this technology just to give folks another quicker method to pay to get on with their busy lives. This is also a win, win for some businesses who offer discounts to those folks who participate in the program by offering discounts for Passport Parking customers who visit their stores.  

How do I use the mobile pay system?  

Customers will register via a FREE Passport Parking Mobile Pay app or voice system, which will be found on both the iPhone and Android phones. There will also be instructions located at all the parking locations and at website.  Once you have registered, you will be able to pay for your parking which also includes a .25 cents fee, by using a mobile payment option, calling a toll free number or text your zone and space information located at the parking locations.

The city says Drivers that use Passport Parking's mobile pay will be able to log in using their Facebook account to find nearby businesses that offer validation or discounts.

The mobile pay technology will be offered to the on-street meter users by January 1, 2014. When this portion is launched the mobile app will provide the motorists the option to receive texts alerts and reminders prior to the expiration of their parking time. It will, at this time, give you the ability to add additional funds.  

What do you think of this technology the city is using?I hope this makes your parking just a little easier. I go downtown quite a bit to take my relative to the Alzheimer clinic and sometimes you sit for a bit before you are called in and then my appointment may last a while, so I will definitely benefit from it.  The FREE Passport Parking Mobile Pay App looks like this.                Now you have choices, which one will you choose?