2014 Housing Outlook:  Home Prices Continue to Rise.

Outlook on Home Prices!

Home prices, I believe will continue to rise, but at a slower, more steady pace.  The housing recovery continues to push home prices up in most places.

 Market Comparison Stats

                               2012 Average Home Price                                   2013 Average Home Price

                                          $167,214                                                               $172,906

                                  Total Sold:  13,621                                                Total Sold:  15,738

                            Average Days on Market:  90                               Average Days on Market:  76

Clear Capital forecasts home prices will rise nationally in 2014 3% to 5%.  Kiplinger expects an increase of about 4%.

Outlook on Interest Rates!

30 year mortgages- now at around 4.45%- to climb to between 5% to 5.5% by year end.  Although this will be higher than rates in early 2013, which were 3% to 3.25%, they are still historically modest.  Remember, if you were in the housing market in the 1970's and 1980's, this will still seem ridiculously low.

Reference stats:  Kiplinger's Outlook, Forbes, Greater Louisville Association of Realtors

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