Choose the Right Window Treatments

Decorating a home is not for those who are hard pressed to make decisions. From wall decor and flooring to furniture and window treatments, you must choose and coordinate every surface and fabric down to the last detail. Below are a few definitions of window treatment terminology to help you get ahead on something that is usually last on the list.


From wooden and plastic to vertical and horizontal, blind come in various sizes and colors. While functional for blocking the sun or providing privacy, they usually tend not to lend anything aesthetic to your home.


These are long fabric curtains that hang or drape from a rod. They provide softness and sound absorbency in large, mostly hard-surfaced rooms. However, they also obscure about a third of your view and might not be the safest for homes with young children.


These do not typically cover an entire window and are primarily decorative. They are affixed to the top of a window and can come in almost any material or shape.

When decorating, many people get carried away with something they saw in a magazine, but you need to be practical when choosing window treatments. Consider the room's purpose and how the outdoors impact that space. Below is a functionality checklist.


Take a walk around your house during the day and at night. Notice what rooms you can see into clearly or what ones are obscured by shrubs. Any windows on the first floor should include blinds or thick floor-length curtains to provide privacy. If the windows are up high or covered by trees, then you don't need to be as concerned about neighbors seeing in.


While each room in your home might have a different look, from the outside you'll want the window treatments to have some sort of consistency or symmetry. If you have two windows framing your front door, then make sure the valances match in shape, even if they are different fabrics on the inside.


If you have small children, consider cordless shades. Blind cords seem to have a magnetic draw for small kids, and they can be extremely dangerous.


Know your cleaning habits. Whether you're a weekly duster or the quick-clean-before-company type, make sure you pick the right fabric or blinds that will fit your lifestyle.

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