Kitchen on the small side?  4 space saving designs to maximize what you've got!

So, you've found the perfect home, but there's just one small problem:  The kitchen isn't as big as you'd like. At first glance, a smaller kitchen may seem like a deal-breaker, especially if you love to cook. With a few space saving design tricks, though, you'll have all the space you need and then some. It's all about making the most of what you've got. Here's how you can turn even the smallest kitchen into an efficient cooking and dining space.

Fill Up the Walls: There's Ample Storage Space All Around You

Walls are a surprisingly underused surface area in most kitchens. From spice racks to towel racks to magnetic knife boards, walls can offer a wealth of space options. Ditch the painting of a fruit bowl and throw up some hooks and shelves. Not only will everything you need be within reach, you'll open up more space in your cabinets and on your counters. For the gadget obsessed, rack storage will give you the chance to show off your awesome assortment of kitchen gadgets.

Repurpose Your Corners with Shelving and Other Amenities

In a small kitchen, sufficient counter space can be hard to come by. While knife blocks and spice racks tend of encroach on what little space is available, not all space saving designs are about reclaiming lost space. Sometimes it's about repurposing forgotten spaces like corners. Most homeowners dismiss the corners of their kitchens, thinking the space is too awkwardly shaped to be of any real use. Take advantage of corners by installing clever storage like a lazy Susan system for under the counter, built-in shelving for above the counter, or for a really creative update, dedicate the corner to an invaluable feature like the kitchen sink.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Pots are bulky and often difficult to store without taking up several cabinets. A circular pot rack mounted to the ceiling allows you to take advantage of the height of your kitchen in the open space right above your head. In fact, racks can be used to store all kinds of cookware and cooking utensils that are too cumbersome to store in drawers, like ladles and colanders. Placing a rack in the empty space above an island or by the stove can provide excellent storage space and easy accessibility. Ceiling and wall-mounted racks often have hooks to hang your cookware from, so make sure you mount yours in a place that doesn't force visitors to navigate an aerial obstacle course just to make it to the sink.

Invest in a Rolling Tea Trolley

Kitchens with very limited counter space can gain an extra work area as well as storage with a tea trolley. A mobile work surface means that you can roll it anywhere in your kitchen to do your slicing and dicing, and then store it away when you're done. Add multiple shelves to the trolley to create even more storage.

There's no need to be discouraged by a cozy kitchen. Not only can these space saving tricks help you gain extra space, they can also give you the chance to explore new ways to express your personal style. 

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