Maintain Your Spring Cleaning Efforts Through the Winter


With the holidays underway, your spring cleaning efforts may be a distant memory at this point however, the current grime creeping back in is not. Having the time to conduct another “spring cleaning” in the middle of parties, family gatherings, gift exchanging and the regular book club is just non-existent. I get it. Don’t panic just yet! Here are a few things I suggest to make the holidays a little fresher without a lot of elbow grease:

1. Wash out those garbage cans and waste containers

You are going to be locked in the entire winter season with these things so, they might as well not be incubators for germs and stench. Before it gets too cold and before you have put away that garden hose, spray them all out with a plant based, organic or, environmentally friendly cleaner (something that disinfects naturally and doesn’t cause any harm to yourself or to your remaining grass that receives the run-off).

2. The same goes for the toilet brush holder next to your toilets

As you are dragging your trash cans outside to disinfect, make sure to toss in your toilet brush holders that are sitting next to your toilets (and probably next to your bathroom trash can). Disinfect these with the same cleaner and if they are really nasty, let them soak in cleaner a couple of hours before you dry them off and bring them back to their home.

3. Change out any plastic shower liners


You know you have seen that pink grimy, pre-mold gunk on your plastic shower liner start creeping back. Go ahead and replace it; they are cheap and harbor way more bacteria and germs than you think.


4. Clean/Dust the tops of Doors, Window framing, and any Wall Hangings

I realize that you, nor anyone else, will be taking your step ladder in your kitchen to check to see if there is any dust above your doorways or family photos however, it’s good to go ahead and keep up with the dust. Dust settles there just like it does on your furniture throughout the year. It also is a collector of soot from the fire place that will soon be seeing a lot of action (if it hasn’t already…..mine is already in full working order I assure you).  Again, utilize a plant based or organic cleaner and please don’t utilize a ladder unless someone is around to make sure you are safe!

5. The same goes for electric plates, kitchen cabinet fronts and mirrors. 


6. Wipe your fridge out

Before you start storing leftovers from your holiday parties and family functions, make sure to wipe out your refrigerator. Not only will it run more efficiently which means less utility/maintenance cost, it will provide a germ-free environment for your fruit cakes. 


After you clean the inside of your refrigerator, make sure to check the outside. With some assistance from your teenage child or significant other (whom is maybe still looking to be on Santa’s “nice list”), unplug the refrigerator and pull it out (only if the condenser coils are on the back and make sure you put something on the floor to protect it from scratching). Check to see if the external coils are free from dust. If not, take the attachment on your vacuum and gently suck up the dust and any debris that falls on the floor. 


If your coils are on the front of the refrigerator, you will want to do this from the front after removing the protective face plate


7. Make your entry way “winter friendly”

Place an outdoor mat in the entry way to put dirty shoes and to protect the floor. Also place a foot scraper outside the door to scrape mud and slush off dirty shoes prior to entry. 

Compliments to Sandi Lanham for contributing this Blog.


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