Six Easy Ways To Protect Your Home Against Burglars And Thieves

Burglaries are a concern for many of us. Although some communities report more break ins than others, everyone should be aware of their home's safety and security. Protecting yourself and your home from thieves can contribute to a better quality of life. Whether you choose to do the simple steps: installing peep holes, installing a monitoring system which there are all prices to choose from or simply installing motion detectors with flood lights to deter anyone walking around the house or your own exterior video cameras, anything you do will help to deter those burglars and thieves trying to break in or casing to see who might be on vacation.  

 Know and Connect With Your Neighbors

 There is much to be said about knowing your neighbors. By establishing connections with the residents around you, you'll be better equipped to spot suspicious people. When neighbors look out for other members of community, they give thieves less opportunity to case homes unnoticed. 

You may consider getting your neighbors together to exchange contact information, or even form a community watch program. The Neighborhood Watch is becoming more and more popular as break ins seem to be on the rise. 

 Protect Your Privacy By Locking Up

Thieves often gain entry to homes through an unlocked door or garage. Make sure that when you leave your home you lock up behind you. Give yourself an extra moment or two to walk through the house and make sure that everything is properly shut and locked.

 You may also consider reinforcing ground level windows and doors with additional safety locks. Wrought iron bars can mean better security for ground level windows out of street view, as they are popular targets for burglars and thieves. 

Always Know Who's Knocking

 Installing a peephole on the front door works wonders for a person's peace of mind. It's important to know who is at your doorstep so you don't open your door to an intruder. Burglars have been known to knock on a target's door to see if they're home. This also gives thieves important information, such as whether you have pets, deadbolts or security systems.

 Be wary of suspicious visitors that come knocking at your door, and write down their description in case you end up needing it later. Also get the description of the vehicle they are driving.

 Security Systems To Protect Your Home

 Monitored security systems are a great way to feel good about your home security. There are many products available at a variety of different price points. These systems are easily installed by a professional, and are monitored by a security company. The monthly cost of the service will be offset by savings on your home insurance, and is well worth the protection the systems provide.  There are so many different kinds of security systems and monitoring devises. Check out what best suits your needs and your lifestyle. On the go a lot, then a system monitored by your phone or internet is best, lots of folks coming in and out, then a key pad would work best. There are so many to choose from, research all and pick one best suits your families lifestyle. Here are just a few samples: 


 Stop Break Ins While You're On Vacation

If you're planning on going out of town, keep your plans on a need to know basis. Don't let people know you're away on your answering machine greeting or with auto respond email. These may be suitable for the workplace, but they are not safe for your personal messaging systems.

 Have a neighbor gather your mail and take out your garbage to keep your home looking lived in while you're away. You may also consider lighting and electronic timers to give the illusion that someone is home. Don't let your home look like it is vacant for any length of time or even a weekend. Timers on lights work wonders on making the house look like someone is there. If you do use timers, set them to come on different times as if you are moving from one room to the other.

 Spare Yourself From Burglaries

 Spare keys can save the day, but can also tempt thieves. If you have a spare key hidden, make sure it's hidden well in the back of the house. If you do use it, don't return it to its hiding spot right away, and change its place from time to time. A better idea may be to leave a spare key with a neighbor or with a friend.

 Security is an important component to a good quality of life. By taking simple steps to improve the security of your home, you can feel safe knowing that your house is protected from thieves. Call your trusted local real estate agent to learn more about home security.

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