Stage Your Home For Selling In The Spring: Tips For Using The Season To Your Selling Advantage

Spring has arrived! The flowers are blossoming, the greyness of the sky is clearing, and the air is warming.  The best season to sell your home is here, and with the added natural light and blossoming colors, you can easily take advantage of the benefits of spring when it comes to selling your home.  Make sure to show it for all it's worth, and follow these simple tips for staging your home in spring that will make your home the one listing that buyers can't resist.

Fresh Flowers: Put Mother Nature To Work

Nothing says spring like fresh-cut flowers.  Bring the beauty of nature inside your home and brighten up your space with fresh flowers.  You can get colorful tulips, lilies, and other flowers for use in your kitchen table centerpiece, as well as smaller arrangements for around the house.  There's no reason why a bouquet can't brighten up your master bedroom or entryway, either.  Orchids also make for lovely decorative pieces, and are best for bathrooms or anywhere that is suitable to a smaller flower.  Add that extra intrigue to your entryway with colorful flowers in hanging baskets, and tidy up your front garden with some new colors, all while making the prospective buyers much more enthusiastic about entering your home.


Get That Spring Feel With A Light And Airy Home

To make the most of the spring season, make sure you use the added light and warmth of the air  Open up the windows and lift up all the blinds in your home, and consider scheduling showing times during the time of day when the sun shines brightest.


It's Time For Spring Cleaning

Just because you're selling your house this year, doesn't mean you get to excuse yourself from spring cleaning.  Actually, partaking in this annual event can be a great way to sell your home faster.  A clean home tells buyers that you have taken care of the property and helps them to envision themselves living in the space.  Get out the pressure washer and rid your front steps and driveway of the remnants of winter, clean out the gutters, and give the floors and bathrooms a scrub.  Consider an early packing job, and box up your winter clothes to help create the appearance of well-organized and spacious closet space throughout the home.

Spring is a great season in which to sell your home.  You can easily take advantage of the warmer weather and bright colors to make your house more attractive to potential buyers, which will help you sell faster and get a higher price.  with an airy, cclean and flower-filled home that bursts with color, you'll be able to persuade buyers that your home is the perfect place for them - and you'll be glad you put in the extra effort.  For more great advice about selling your home in the spring market or list your home for sale, CALL ME!

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