Where to Find Inspiration for Your Home Decor

Are you working on decorating your home? Perhaps you want to spruce up your decor, but you aren't quite sure where to begin.

Where can you find inspiration for your Louisville home decor, besides the obvious home decor magazines and websites?

Here are some fun and creative ideas that may inspire you when designing your decor:

Luxury Hotels

The next time you go on a vacation, you can find inspiration at your hotel. Most hotel rooms in mid-range to luxury hotels have beautiful, comforting and understated designs, so take photos if you find something that you like.

Perhaps you can invest in plush throw pillows for your bed, a sleek bed table lamp or thick white towels for you bathroom to recreate to look of the luxury hotel.

Art Galleries

Take a walk around your local art gallery and see if you can find some inspiration there. Perhaps the harmonious colors of Impressionist paintings or the angular shapes of Cubism will inspire you to add visual interest to your decor. You may not be able to afford an original Picasso or Monet, but you can always order prints of your favorite artists online and add art to your home on a budget.

The Beauty of Nature

Another place to find beauty and inspiration is from Mother Nature herself. Take a walk outside and take some photos of what you encounter. You may be inspired to paint your walls a shade of green just like the spring leaves, or create a centerpiece for your table made from pine cones.

Fashion Design

You can also find inspiration from the colors, textures and patterns that are popular in the world of fashion. Look at magazines, fashion shows and advertisements to see what colors and styles are popular at the moment. If you love the look of a certain item of clothing, think about how you could incorporate that color, texture or pattern into your decor.

If you open your mind, you can find inspiration for your home decor all around you. These are just a few ideas to help get you started. But, of course, there are many other sources of inspiration out there.

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